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Headstay Replacement

Has anyone replaced the 1 x 19 stainless steel head stay in their 99?  I think mine is shot and it sits inside a Harken Mark III Unit 0 furler.

I replaced all the standing rigging on hull #6 2 years ago.

What is the question re: headstay replacement?

I assume you just replaced the head stay with  1/4"  1 x 19 stainless wire. I believe mine has a Stay Lock fitting at the bottom and a wedged eye at the top.  I believe we can lower the headstay and foil and then lead the new head stay from the top and fit the Stay Lock on site. Boat is in the water and mast is up.  I was installing the furler and heard a sound like a spring being over tensioned.  So I took things apart and there were a couple of strands of the head stay broken and rubbing against the inside of the foil.  Glad it happened there, not on the first race.  Do you recall if you had a Stay Lock fitting on the lower end.  I understand most boats were commissioned with just a foil so the fittings are likely different on all the 99s.

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