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Rudder bearing


Could you recommend where to buy rudder bearing and / or bushing for C&C 99?

What is the maximum rudder play that you would consider normal before replacing bearing/bushing? Is 4-5 mm at the end of rudder considered as still safe or it's time to replace bearing? I measure it every season at the end of rudder and it didn't change for 3 years or may be just 1 mm .

Could somebody share experience how to change it ? Any recommendations for decent mechanic / specialist to do that in Toronto area?

Thanks and have a great winter season.


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We took our rudder out last spring.  Rod was extremely helpful.  This is what he wrote back to me. It weighs "Probably 40 or 50 pounds, easily handled by two",
You "need to plan the job, ease off the cables below the deck, mark them with tape so you know what the settings were.  Need to undo the bolts holding the quadrant together and there is a key in there that prevents the quadrant from slipping on the rudder stock.  That needs to come out."

" I used a piece of long plastic pipe and a hammer to remove the old bushings.  I had a material called Thordon XL bearing stock, which is similar to Derlin only harder and better.  I think Dixon mentioned he use a Derlin with carbon, same idea harder. It is what they use to make bushings for ships so maybe overkill but since I don’t want to do it often I went for the best product I could find.  I used a machinist to make the bushings and took the rudder up so he could measure the rudder stock at both bushing locations.  I had to measure the inside diameter using calipers he supplied.  He made a very nice job and then I installed the bushings.  I think we used dry ice to help shrink the size of the bushing and we sanded the exterior of the bushing with 80 grit sand paper and applied G flex to hold them in place.  We inserted the bushings and then the rudder and allowed the G-Flex to harden.  It was a little stiff on try land but once the boat was in the water the extra lubrication from the water made it perfect."

We dropped it because it did not turn all the way and clunked at the end.  After cleaning the stem well and the bushings, we reassembled it and the problem was fixed.  Good luck with yours.