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c&c 99 transportation


I will most likely if it passes survey, become a new owner of a 99 and will have it transported to the SF Bay area and believe that I have hull # 3. I think that this was built with the keel that offers 6'. 5" draft and would like a way to verify the over all height of the boat, from cabin top to bottom of keel. I also think, that just in case it is the 5'.5" draft, (i doubt it) but what that height is also. I have looked everywhere and cannot find this dimension. I someone has a drawing showing this I would appreciate it


Hi Mark,

I had hull 56 deep keel 6.5' draft transported from New London CT to Halifax NS Canada on a low bet trailer without incident.  Didn't have to take anything off like stanchions or pulpit.  I'll see if I can find out the overall height.




That is great ,but don't go though a lot of effort. I just thought there must be a drawing out there somewhere that I just could not locate

Thank you


12' 6" rings a bell but I can't find a drawing.




hull # TCM33004J102

Yeah I looked for drawing everywhere and i am pretty sure this boat has the 6.5 draft.

As I expressed in my email , the survey is 30-31st of Jan and while it is hanging I will verify. As long as it is under 14 i think that I am golden. I would rather not have to remove pulpits and stanchions if not not have to ....



Mine is the deep keel version and I had no issues here.  The mast goes on the side of the low bed so their shouldn't be an issue.



If you do measure the height let us know so we can record it.


I had the survey on Friday the 31st and measured it out of the water and I would say 12'6 is pretty close


thank you

Thanks Mark we'll record that.  Send us a picture and description of your boat and we'll add her to the Class website under The Fleet.




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