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C&C 99 weight

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I just bought Hull #46 and will be sailing it in the Pensacola, Florida area.  I was wondering if anybody has accurate information about the weight of the boat.  I have seen different literature with 9265lb  for the 6.5' and 5.5' keel version.  I've seen the keel weight at 3200lb and 3500lb.  Is the deep keel lighter?  I found an ORC Club certificate that has the boat at over 10,000lb.  Anybody know the real numbers?


thanks in advance

Hi There welcome to the class.  I did have some discussions with Tim Jackett designer with the company that built the boat and both the deep keel and shallow keel were the same displacement I believe and he did mention there were slight variances in weight during the building process.  You must have bought Sailient, correct?  Send us some info and a picture of your new acquisition and we'll be happy to add you to the Fleet page.  Just need boat name, owner, year built 2004, hull number 46, location, yacht club and Contact info (email address).  In the meantime I'll see if I can find the info from Tim and perhaps some of the owners that have their boats weighed can chip in.


Rod Stright

C&C 99 Class President 

From my recollection of discussions with the designer the following come to mind:

1.  Both the shallow and deep draft have a design weight of 9,265 pounds.

2. There is often a builder variance of a couple of hundred pounds.

3. The shallow keel weighs a bit more than the deep keel (350 pounds) in order to help keep the same righting moment.

4. The shallow version you have is trimmed a bit more aft because of the keel design so even more important to keep weight out of the cockpit.

5. I haven't weighed my boat but perhaps some that has can let us know their findings.  Normally there is a lot more weight aboard than people often realize.

6. Here there is a 6 sec difference in the handicap with the DK carbon rig rated at 99 and the SD carbon rig rated at 105.





Yes, we bought Sailient.  I will send you info and a picture once we change the name and get a new picture sailing on Pensacola Bay.

Thanks for the info.  I would love to know if anybody has a measured weight.  Always amazing the discrepancies in boat specifications. How can you have the same design weight with different keel weights?  Also, Vacuumed infused epoxy hull should make for very precise weight (+- 50lb, and maybe +- 50lb for keel).

I did notice the stern squats a little.  I guess I'll be putting sails and other stuff in the bow.

I was wondering what speeds @RPM I can expect motoring.  Is the prop that came with the boat pretty good, or can the performance get better with a newer Volvo or Flexofold prop?




In 2014 a couple of us in Toronto decided to race in IRC.  IRC requires the boats to be measured and weighed.  The boats were lifted by a crane fitted with a digital scale.  While the two boats had the same hull dimensions there were differences in weight and rigging.

Sleek, hull 99, was the last boat built.  Prior to building our boat several 99's experienced hull cracking on both sides of the bow near the water line under the V berth.  I believe C&C built these boats without sufficient fiberglass in the bow in an attempt to reduce weight.  The hulls of these boats "oil canned" in heavy weather resulting in cracks which were severe on some boats.  Other boats didn't have the problem either because their hulls were thicker or they simply didn't go out in really heavy weather.

C&C released a fix that recommended installing a mini bulkhead under the V-berth and adding extra layers of fiberglass from the centre line of the boat part way up both sides.  C&C's fix started the fiberglass at the bow and extended it back past the head.

I located a copy of the C&C Bow Reinforcement fix (attached) for those who may be interested.

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  • Bow_reinforcement.jpg

Thanks Gerry, we have the bow reinforcement fix under the resources section of the website.  I was of the understanding that the bow reinforcement was done on the earlier versions of the boat.  Do you recall what hull number they incorporated the bow fix into the build?  Or do you recall the hull number of the other boat that was weighed.  I was pretty sure it was early on that they built in the fix.



I have no idea when C&C put the extra glass in the bow?  I didn't think the problem was only on the very early hull numbers but I could be wrong???

I guess when I move weight to the bow I better check for reinforcement's.  The 4668kg weight is very close to the ORC certificate I found and attached.  Anything else I need to look for?  Any info on motoring speed/propeller?





Uploaded files:

I wouldn't be concerned with bow problems.  Your boat would have almost certainly have had the problem by this time if it was an issue.  The boats were built at different times by different people and there were variations.  Hull 99, the last one, was built 12 years ago.

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