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Thought I would start a thread for cruising. What trips have you done with your 99? How did the boat perform all-around?

I'll get us started here.....Best Cruising addition to Cakewalk was a boom shade, custom made by my local Doyle shop.  Made with Odessey III fabric. The shade drapes over the boom about mid-companionway then aft to the end of the boom.  No battens needed so it folds up like a bed sheet for easy storage.  Three lifting points along the top.  I made a bridle to pull up with the main halyard.   Tension lines are attached to grommets around the perimeter of the cover.  Lines are attached to lifelines and stays.  When properly tension-ed, the cover fits quite nicely.  Takes about 15 minutes to install.  Sailed to Block Island last year in July and used it everyday.  A huge difference in comfort from past years.  And btw....Only $350.  If anyone is interested, I'll get some pics this summer.  Also, I purchased some interior black-out hatch covers from  They work fairly well to keep the sun out of the boat, but it does significantly restrict airflow.  I leave them installed all the time.  Does a great job of keeping sun out of the boat when not aboard.

Thanks Richard very appropriate, pictures would be very helpful when we get summer:)  Do you have any info from Seoladair on the blackout hatch covers as I assume they would fit all the C&C 99s.   I have smoked plexiglass hatch boards so they let a lot of sunlight in as well.

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