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Touching up the deck of a 2004 C&C 99

Has anyone tried touching up the deck of a C&C 99?  I realize there may be differences in the color based upon the year of build but would be interested if anyone has touched up or repainted their decks both the smooth and non-skid surfaces.  I have done it on other boats using AwlGrip, Interlux (Interdeck) with good results but am a bit reluctant to tackle the entire deck when most of it is in good condition but some spots are clearly showing a bit of wear.


What did you decide to use?

I used Interthane 870 a two part polyurethane and added Griptex.  Will post some pictures when the cover is off.  Deck colour is Matterhorn White by AwlGrip which is the match Tim Jackett says they matched the gel coat to.

Here are a few pictures of the repainted non skid.  Pretty happy with the result

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