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Has anyone installed a Barney Post to raise the mainsheet for a better angle??  say 6" to 9"

Where did it come from??  Or who made it??


Hi David,


There is some discussion on this forum in the DIY/Upgrades section on page 2.  I have one that is a 3" riser which was on the boat when I bought it.  Mine is made from a piece of stainless steel hollow square section on its flat (pic 375 and 376).   I am attaching pictures of one on another C&C 99 I believe it is about 3 - 5" high and made of 3" derlin rod.  As far as I know these were DIY projects.



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I did 6" Stainless cylinder riser on Jester.  Had a local fab shop crank it out.  Works great.     One of my crew did the project and I can connect with him if you need details.


Thanks Greg would be a good idea to post it here for info of anyone considering adding one.



Thanks gentlemen  I was thinking about 4" of rise   I have a local guy who can weld Aluminium  So was thinking of using 1/4 plate   Cheers


also  I assume you have to get underneath to unbolt??

I believe mine are drilled and tapped into the mounting post.  There is an aluminum plate there.  See deck laminate plan in the resource section.  I believe all areas where there is an aluminum plate built in are indicated in red.


Thanks Rod  I suspected that was the case  I haven't pulled off the cleat swivel etc. yet  Cheers

Hello All!  My captain from Jester requested that I share some insight on the stainless main sheet riser I had made.  I believe it was 6" in height.  I drew the plans and a local machine shop made the riser.  Eight holes were drilled in the riser.  4 were drilled and tapped to remount the Harken piece.   To mount the riser, 4 more holes were drilled between the tapped holes, (so offset 45 degrees from the others) and these were drilled about 4 1/2" into the piece at a diameter allowing for the head of the fastener to drop into the hole (a 4 1/2" countersink hole), then the remaining 1 1/2" was drilled to allow the threaded portion of the fastener to pass through the rest of the piece.   We purchased 4 of the correct length fasteners to mount riser to the boat in the same manner the Harken piece was originally mounted, and 4 fasteners of the correct length to mount the Harken piece to the riser.  Voila!  In my opinion 2 more inches would have been great, but we didn't want to get too carried away.

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Thanks      3" (75mm) diameter??

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