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Interior Storage in the C&C 99

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Looking at improving the interior storage of the C&C 99 by adding shelving and storage bins to some of the lockers and the space under the sink.  Just wondering if anyone has already done done it?



Hi Rod-  Since I don't have an oven, I put a cargo net over the space.  Found the netting on eBay and it was a good fit out of the box. Bought the hooks at a local RV Parts store.  The hooks are for window shades for an RV.  It added considerable space for me and stopped all the stuff from spilling out into the galley.



Not sure if you uploaded the picture, if you did it didn't come through

Good topic Rod

On my to do list:

Installing 2 rows of rods under the sink to hold wire baskets (for air circulation)

Widening the hatches behind the settees for better access.

Installing dividers or tie downs below the bunk in the aft cabin to prevent sliding

Installing netting in the cockpit locker to prevent the lines from sliding into the stern

For charts on the ceiling