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Interior Storage in the C&C 99

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Quote from aj on April 29, 2021, 8:28 pm

Figured I'd chime in with a few of the things I've done on our 99:

Built a half shelf in the forward starboard side locker in the salon. It's anchored into the divider between the two lockers and supported by a freestanding leg in the back. I wouldn't put something really heavy in the front but it's surprisingly stable. It's been in use for a couple years now without issue.

Used a fender hanger and added a screw to the underside of the stove coverĀ  to create a hanging solution keeping that out of the way when the stove is in use.

Built a custom silverware holder and a divided additional holder that sits underneath it. The try is low enough for the galley doors to clear it when its on the counter.

Don't know about anyone else but we found the table attachment at the mast to be less than stable and has occasionally dumped dinner on the floor... To stabilize that I moved the mounting screw to the top and added a second screw at the bottom. It's made a big difference to not have all three attachment points on the same plane.

This form and site is a great resource thanks for everyone's willingness to contribute!


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