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Remove/Replace/Restore cabin windows?

Hey everyone.

Anybody removed/repaired/refurbed their cabin windows?  Since buying Jester new in 2005, I noticed the  side windows were quick to craze over.  Now, you cannot see anything through them so they need attention.     I'd like to remedy this and wondering if any other 99 owners can comment on their experience.    Going to connect with the Tartan/Legacy C&C group to see if these can be purchased new.   That said my yard claims they can pop them out and send them in to a place on the east coast US that refurbs them.





Jester, 2005 Hull 81.


Wet sand them with progressive grits up to 2000 or higher. They come crystal clear. I haven’t found a product to keep them that way though. Wax helps.


Mine were too far gone when I got the boat so I replaced them.  Bought the product and had them cut locally installed them using 3M tape and silicone sealant.

Thanks Rod - would be great if you could email me with the product supplier if I go down that road.

I will provide more info later but for now here are a couple of ways to do it.  Tartan used Lexan which is strong but scratches easily and yellows quickly. I did mine took the old out, bough a sheet of acrylic and used the tape recommended and later did the silicone sealant.  Turned out very well.

I followed the suggestions in this thread from the C&C Photo album website:

 I' m pretty sure this is the discussion you are looking for on the VHB (Very High Bond) tape and Silicone method. See the Sailmagazine link below.

 I saved many technical discussions in a folder over the years.

 I've been following this topic any time I see it come up - I have windows in need of replacement.

I like the sailing anarchy suggestion - with coincides (fairly closely )with Don Casey's recommendation
He recommends double sided tape and Dow Corning 795 sealant.
The one difference he suggests using just the double sided tape initially  - then squeeze the sealant into the gap after the window is in place.

Here is one way to do it:

Here is another way to do it:



A few more details:

  1. Be careful taking old windows out.  I used a putty knife and then small wedges to gently take them out and only broke one corner.
  2. Rough measurement for acrylic

    2 -  6.5” x 38” 2 – 6.75” x 72” 1 - 29”x 42” (Sliding hatch I did not replace likely thicker acrylic required here)

  3. I used 3/8" acrylic from I believe the color was bronze or dark grey.  They didn't cut it I had to go somewhere else for that.  If you can find a fabricator who has the material in stock you likely won't have to buy a full sheet.
  4. I removed paper on the back where the windows will contact the surfaces and where you put the tape and sanded with 80 grit.  In places where the window covers some of the cabin side I painted that flat black as well as the back of the window.
  5. I used 1/2" 3M VHB tape, make sure thing are in the perfect position when you apply the window to the tape.  Measure and position several times, once it is on it isn't coming off have at least two helpers.
  6. Once windows are in position apply the black silicone making sure you mask around the cabin side.  Peel off while silicone is still wet.
  7. Looks awesome, better than new.


Thanks Rod - this will get me going.    Going to do planning/prep over the winter and execute in the spring when warmer.


No problem any questions let me know.

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