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Chain Plates

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Taking my chain plates out to have a look.  Removed the machine screws holding the chain plates to the deck and removed the nuts from the port and starboard rods secured to the retainers in the settee lockers.  Can only get the chain plates up about one quartet of an inch.  Wondering if anyone else had this problem and if so how did you get them out.

Just an update eventually got the chain plates out.  Mine were corroded a bit in the tube that the chain plate rod fits in so I used Fluid Film, tapped slightly, removed the nuts below deck (there were no washers, wow) and put a small jack underneath a nut on the end of the rod and they came out.  Cleaned everything up, had them inspected, all good, put them back in place with big heavy duty stainless fender washers and secured with locking nuts, re-bedded the chain plates all good.

During some preventative rig maintenance we took the opportunity to pull the chain plates. Turned out to be a somewhat more difficult job than anticipated; either during construction or afterwards someone had firmly epoxied the rods where they pass through the bulkhead behind the settees. This necessitated some fairly extensive grinding around the rod with a dremel before we could coax them out. I like Rod's idea of jacking them up from below, but we also had success getting some plastic chocks under the deckplate and gradually hammering them until everything came loose enough to lift by hand. Hardly any swearing at all.

In our case we had very minor evidence of corrosion on the base of the deckplates (presumably due to some water intrusion around the bedding), but the rods look to be in good shape. There really wasn't a lot of surface area connecting the rods to the deck plate, though; we're getting some gussets added to strengthen the area. Hopefully grinding out some grooves in the deck to accommodate them is simple enough.

Thanks Ben,

Yes we used wedges to help lift the deck plates up and a lot of Fluid film on the rod but could only get the deck plates up about a 1/4".  The jack worked well in our case but I think its was the fact that there were no washers under the nuts and the tube was steel not stainless steel that caused the problem in our case.

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