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Engine hour meter

The digital engine hour display was not functioning on #77 when I purchased it. It has a Yanmar but surveyor said it was a common problem on Volvo units also.

I was able to successfully replace the digital display for $22 from Ebay. The unit now indicates what appears to be recorded engine hours. There are two videos on YouTube explaining the process, one for repair and other replacement. It was not a particularly difficult job and good for an out of sailing season project.

I have the same issue on hull 81 David.   Its intermittent so whenever it starts to work, I log the hours manually in my ships log to keep my maintenance schedule accurate.


So to clarify, when you replaced the combo tach/engine hour display it remembered actual hours on the engine and did not restart from 0?


Thanks for sharing and letting me know its not a large project to remedy this.




Sorry, just now seeing your question. On my boat the hour meter is a LED display and tachometer is an analog dial.  The LED had died and I replaced the screen with a new unit and plugged it in to the circuit board.  It does require disassembling the dial assembly but that is only four screws as I recall. Yes the circuit board did seem to recall the total engine hours.

Here are two links, both for Yanmar.

First is replacement of digital display, second tries to repair original.

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