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In line sea water strainer

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Has anyone installed a strainer between the impeller and the engine to prevent muscles and other debris from entering the het exchanger?  If so can you provide a brief description and pictures?




My boat #99 arrived with a cooling water strainer mounted under the galley sink.  It's connected between the cooling water seacock and the cooling water intake on the engine.  I periodically remove pieces of seaweed and zebra mussels that accumulate in the strainer.

We also use the strainer when winterizing the engine.  The seacock is turned off, the engine started and antifreeze poured directly into the strainer.  The engine is run until the antifreeze completely displaces all cooling water in the engine.

Is this what you are asking about?  I likely won't be able to get pictures until next week.


Thanks Gerry exactly what I am looking for.  We had some issues and replaced the impeller as the fins had broken off and when we recovered the pieces of the impeller in the heat exchanger we also got quite a few muscles out of there.  If you can get some pictures that would be great.  I am sure the muscles are not easy on the impeller fins.



I've attached three pictures showing the engine cooling water strainer that's mounted under the galley sink.

0888 shows the strainer beside the interior water pressure pump.  0889 is a close up of the strainer and connections.  The hoses run under the floor from the cooling water seacock and back to the cooling water engine intake.  0893 is from the top and shows the make/model.  The top unscrews and is removed for cleaning.  There's a perforated metal cylinder underneath that is lifted out for cleaning.

In the fall we turn off the seacock and pour antifreeze directly into the strainer.  The engine is run until all cooling water is replaced with antifreeze.

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Thanks very much Gerry, much appreciated and useful.

We've also been thinking about putting in a sea strainer (ideally one with a removable cap so we can use it to winterize), but in our case it seems the raw water intake comes through the saildrive (so just under the companionway steps). We were assuming we'd just position the strainer in the engine compartment between the intake at the saildrive and the impeller/pump. Did the positioning for the water intake vary from hull to hull?

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What engine do you have Ben?

My boat also has the seacock on the side of the saildrive (it's a Volvo).  The picture is taken looking towards the stern so the seacock is on the starboard side of the saildrive.  The hose goes from the seacock to the strainer mounted under the galley sink.  The hose is routed under the floor.  It returns from the strainer back to the engine cooling water intake.

For some reason the picture isn't uploading.  I'll see if Rod can help.


Our engine is a Yanmar (3YM20). Interesting - for whatever reason our hose is not routed via the galley sink, just goes straight aft from the saildrive around the starboard side of the engine to the pump. Hopefully will still be fairly straightforward to stick in the strainer.

Ben, the reason the hose is routed via the galley sink is because that's where C&C installed the cooling water strainer on my boat otherwise the hose would have gone directly to the pump like your boat.  I assume C&C mounted the strainer under the gallery sink because it's conveniently close and there's pitifully little space in the engine compartment.


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