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Saildrive boot

What is the best way to keep the rubber saildrive boot attached to the hull?  We used 5200 and so far have not had success, despite cleaning and sanding the hull before applying it to both sides and then applying pressure for 24 hours.

I assume you mean the rubber boot around the bottom of the saildrive where it exits the hull.

Just so you know there're boat (#99) came from the factory without the rubber boot.  The factory glassed the area flush with the hull leaving about 1/4" to 3/8" clearance around the saildrive.  I can check on Wednesday before we launch the boat to be sure of the gap size.  If you like I can take a picture.


Clean off all the old 5200, perhaps light sand the hull (220g, then use new 5200), clean w/ acetone.  Should work.  I've done ours twice when the hull gasket was issues.

Alternative that a friend here did with his Andrews 28 was to get a 2-piece hard plate created which fits into he saildrive well.  glued that on w/ 5200 then used Flex-Seal paste (yes...that one) to seal between he drive and the plate to allow for vibration and yet keep most growth out of the drive well.  interesting approach.  It might just work.


We had to replace the leg when I got Equinox 99.  It was glassed in so we had to cut away some of the hull around the sail drive to remove the unit and took the lower unit in through the hull.  When we replaced the lower unit a fabricated a plate out of Coosa and screwed into the gap around the hull.  We fitted the Coosa plated around the sail drive and screwed it over the rubber seal.  I used expansion foam to fill the cavity and trimmed it.  Then I used 3M 4200 to seal around the opening.  So far so good.

Thank you all for your advice and suggestions.  I am intrigued by the use of expanding foam.  What kind would be best for salt water immersion?

I just bought the best I could find at Home Depot for insulating around windows and doors.  Sprayed it in allowed it to expand and then trimmed it with a knife.  It will expand out the space around the sail drive leg.  Be careful not to use too much, it is messy but seems to work.

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