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Keel Bolt Torques As Posted May Not Be Correct

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Thanks Dixon, excellent.  I'll have a closer look at mine.

Further correction,,,,

Somewhere, a crow is on the menu.

As you all know,I had tried to investigate keel bolt torques for the 99 and had obtained a value of 140 ft/lbs from Tartan/Legacy.  Our bolt was retorqued to this value this Spring ,but sad to say that value may have been still too low. We still are getting some flexing at the joint.

This afternoon, I was in direct contact with Tim Jackett and he affirmed that the value of 250 ft/lbs you all had received from Art Averell several years ago was actually correct.  He sent me a document about torque values and the process for adjusting bolts.  I am uploading it here.

Therefore, my most humble apologies for possibly misleading anyone.  I have been feeling like a billiard ball bouncing back and forth on all this.

The enclosed file was sent to me by Tim Jackett.

Thanks Dixon, didn't get the attachment.  Can you send to my email address and I'll add it to the resources on the website.

Keel Bolt Torque Procedure PDF attached

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