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Volvo Penta Air Filter

Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the foam piece of crap OEM air filter on the Volvo Penta MD 2020 engine.  The foam breaks down and gets sucked into the engine.  I am sure there are better air filters available.


I found a website in England,, that sells Volvo parts at very low prices compared to US.  They shipped me a new stainless steel mixing elbow  in just 2 days.

I also later purchased a new air filter which is worlds of improvement over the foam thing.

Here'a a picture.  Suggest you try these folks for parts as they are very inexpensive last time I looked.  They have filters, injectors, rebuild kits, etc. etc.

Really worth a hard look IMO.

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Thanks Dixon that's the one I was considering and some of our friends on the C&C 110 website also use them for their MD 2030, same size.  I'll see if others here are interested and perhaps order a few which should keep costs down

Did you get the oil as well?

Ordered Monday delivered Thursday, installed today a huge improvement over the original foam piece of crap.

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