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Fuel Tank

Has anyone cleaned out there fuel tank and if so how did you do it?  Were you able to do it in place or did you need to remove the tank?



I had Kingfisher's tank cleaned a few years ago.  I hired a local "fuel scrubber" to do the job.  Tanks remain in place.  Access is through the inspection ports in the top of the tank.  Cost depended on how much fuel is in the tank.  They run the fuel through a series of 5-10 micron filters.  You can open the inspection ports too to see if there is gunk in there.  Worth doing IMO.  Cost us ~ $275 as I recall and we had ~ 15 gal of diesel in the tank.


Thanks Dixon that's how I was planning to do it, we'll see how it goes.



A few years ago our fuel tank caught "diesel bug".  Water got into the tank and we ended up with chunks of thick black biomass.  Apparently, water when in diesel sinks to the bottom.  There's a bacteria in diesel that rapidly multiplies at the boundary between the water and fuel.  It dies forming the black gunk.  I had never heard of diesel bug but it's very common.

A marine mechanic said the tank had to be completely drained of fuel which had to be discarded.  The tank had to be scrubbed to ensure there's no remaining water or biomass.  If it wasn't completely cleaned the diesel bug would return. He said I could do it myself through the inspection ports or he would remove the tank and take it back to his shop and clean it there.  Since he guaranteed his work I let him do it.

We've never had a problem since.  In fact, your post inspired me to open an inspection port and have a look...all nice and clean!

Thanks Gerry,

Very helpful.  I used to be Fleet manager for CCG and we had similar issues with big vessels when fuel sat in tanks for long periods of time.  I use fuel additives however I am not sure what the previous owner did and we got some bad fuel in Chester this year so I plan on cleaning out the tank this fall.



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