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Toe rail end caps

Has anyone sourced a replacement for the aft end caps for the C&C 99 toe rail or modified the end of the toe rail as a result of the broken end caps.  Pictures included below of the broken ones on hull 56.  Similarly the forward end of the toe rail on my boat seem to have been cut away.

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Hull 41 has a similar issue with aft tow rail end caps. I'm interested in finding a good fix so will keep an eye on this thread.

The bow has apparently been replaced with a stainless V shaped piece which includes some good chocks for routing dock likes. I don't have a great photo handy but have attached the best one I do have. You can see the toe rail has been trimmed and the start of this V piece including the chucks on the left of the attached photo.

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I will likely reach out to Tartan to see if they have replacement parts that won't do the same thing.  The forward end on mine appears like yours although we had to put tape over the edge to prevent chafe so we thought the PO had done a modification.



Reached out to Tartan and got the following from Tim



That end cap is a real challenge.  It is a urethane casting from a latex rubber mold.  The mold has deteriorated and the parts that come from it require a ton of work to clean them up.  An aluminum casting would be much better, but would require some mold work.  Alternatively, maybe an aluminum or stainless fabrication could be made that would do the job.  Doing either only makes sense if there was enough demand out there to justify the time needed to move it along.  



        Timothy Jackett

Other option is a 3D printer if we had the drawings or a pair to duplicate.

If any interest let me know.


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