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C&C 99 in boom Outhaul system

Just wondering if anyone has taken apart their outhaul system in the boom and if so what did you find?  I am replacing the sheaves and axel pin on the outer end and attempting to increase the purchase of the outhaul so it is easier to adjust under load.  I found a harken 29 mm triple carbo block with a becket at the outboard end however line is only led through two sheaves, picture attached.  Be interested in what is at the mast end of the boom before I take the that end of the boom off.

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On or boat as I recall the aft end of the boom has a  single block with a ~3-4 ft tail sliced onto the becket.  the other end of the tail has  the shackle that attaches to the clew of the mainsail.  We use a halyard knot on the shackle.  We usually winch the outhaul from the pit when underway. In light air one could simply haul the outhaul by hand of course.  A triple block seems sort of overkill to me...but hey.


Even with what's there it is difficult to adjust under load.  Seems to be a lot of friction.  The specs for the boat say it is 4:1 which would mean two double blocks inside the boom one with a becket.  Just trying to figure out what's inside the boom at the mast end prior to trying to take it off.  Perhaps yours, as one of the first built, just had 2:1 and maybe less friction as when you put blocks with multiple sheaves together they tend to twist.

Hi Rod,

Sorry I can't help answer your specific question. I have a C&C 110 with similar issues. By increasing the purchase of your internal outhaul you will create other problems. Here is a link to my post on the "C&C 110 owners group" on Facebook. I thought this might give you an alternative solution to your problem.

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