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Under Deck Steering Gear

Does anyone have the design drawings or photographs of the quadrant and rudder shaft stuffing /packing arrangement for the 99?


I have the diagrams for the rudder installation.  We have replaced the rudder bushing (using carbon impregnated deleon) and also replaced the rudder with a carbon fiber version.

Here is the PDF

Uploaded files:

That was Delrin,  not deleon

You don't happen to have a diagram of the sail drive installation for the volvo penta do you?

Not sure if Volvo is still publishing the manual for the SD.  However you can try this URL.

We just pulled our rudder because of stiffness and shuddering.  (Thank you Rod for your information).  There seems to be a middle bearing about midway between the upper and lower in the sleeve.  Did anyone else have this?  So far there are about 3 horizontal scratches on the shaft itself, otherwise it looks good.  We are in the process of cleaning out the bearings and will reinstall the rudder in hopes that we do not have to install new bearings.

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