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Rebuilding a Volvo Penta MD 2020 raw water pump

Has anyone had a pleasure of rebuilding a Volvo Penta MD 2020 Raw Water pump?  If so how was it in terms of problems encountered, parts required and results?



I rebuilt mine in 2020. It wasn't to difficult to rebuild the pump itself. There's a rebuild kit from Volvo. I ended up replacing the shaft, seals and bearings. I did find that I had to block the engine to get access to one of the bolts as the engine mount was in the way. That was a bit of an adventure but a little wood blocking did the trick.

Hope you have success in your rebuild.



Thanks AJ.  I bought a new one and will buy a kit to refurbish the old one as a spare.  I'll never understand why they put the bolts in the way they did for the seawater pump, insane.  Could have made them all accessible from the front of the engine.

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