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99 Class Branded Apparel

Hey folks,

There has been some interest in getting class apparel done up. I designed a quick mockup of what I think would work well (open to any suggestions/changes if we decide to proceed).

Thoughts are to have the class logo on the front chest (I used the C&C Yachts logo and added "99" using font "Grandma's Television" - can't see this being an issue for our use) as well as the boat and class site on the back. Anyone purchasing can then get their boat/crew names printed after the fact, if they so desire.

We have inquired on ballpark pricing and will post once we know more.

It would be good to get some rough numbers on who may be interested (skippers/crew members).


Mike Cyr
Halifax, NS

Uploaded files:
  • 99shirts.png

We likely have 7 people interested from Agent99.  Would be good to be able to try on samples for size.  Let me know details and I’ll coordinate with our crew. 

We have a few interested, and maybe more from Rod Stright's crew (name TBD).

As well, we will have some samples at "Cotton Candy" in Dartmouth where we are looking to get the product and printing if anyone would like to try on the gear (will let you know when).

Still working on pricing as well as different apparel options... Will update when we know more.


Mike Cyr
Halifax, NS

Hi Mike,


Demons Dance would be interested in 10.




99 Class Apparel Update:

*Deadline April 5th, 2018


Linked here is a PDF file with the design mockup, colors, and products available. We have also set up a Google Form for each crew member to fill out and let us know which piece(s) of apparel they would be interested in purchasing (Form Link: )


Let us know if you have any questions at all.




Mike Cyr

APPAREL UPDATE: Currently we have about 50 shirt orders and counting. If you have yet to place an order and are interested, please fill out the Google Form link above. 

We have a lot of orders for dark shirts (navy, black, charcoal & red) and determined that the C&C logo will not look great if left in color. The solution to this would be to white-out the logo so that it will look much more visible and clean. 

On light shirts (white I believe is the only one), we will go with a dark grey C&C 99 logo & back design. 

I am sure everyone is OK with this, but wanted to let you all know prior to confirming orders. 

Unsure how we will be dealing with payments yet, but more to come when we find that out. 

Mike Cyr

Thank you to our class sponsor: Cajun Ropes

10% off orders for all C&C 99 owners + additional 5% off when you like Cajun Ropes on Facebook

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