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Replacing Boom vang

Not sure if anyone in the fleet has ever replaced the boom vang but my current experience may prove useful.  The original boom vang on our 2002 99 was by Forespar.  When we lost the mast last year we didn't realize that the vang had also been damaged internally.  I since ordered a Forespar Medium Rod whichis supposed to fit 30-40ft boats.

However, when dry fitting the new vang I discovered the Forespaar medium yacht rod is toolong.  I contacted Forespar tech support and received the following answer to my inquiry:

Me: "I recently purchased a Medium Boom Vang to replace the old one on our C&C 99 circa 2002. THe new vang is too long by about8-9 inches and if I engage the internal spring at its lowest setting, the vang is not going to allow the boom to come to horizontal when trimmed. My question is :Can the length of the vang be adjusted? I would think I need to cut off about 8 in or so from the outer cylinder in order to make the medium vang fit our boat. The old vang attachment points give about a 30-35 degree angle from masts base to boom attachment point. I think that the small vang would be insufficient to hold up our aluminum boom.

Forespar's Response: "C&C had customer made vangs made for all of their boats. They did not use the standard versions. You will need to cut the white tube shorter to match the tubes lengths from your old vang.  You should be able to cut the white tube from the end that attaches to the bottom of the boom. Make sure to leave enough on the white tube so that the boom end fitting has enough tube length to be installed and about 1” of extra tube between the last cross pin hole and the internal end of the boom attachment casting."Just thought this might be useful.



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