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Salon table: Measurements or WTB

So, our boat came without a salon table and we're probably doing enough cruising to justify having something a little more classy than the folding card table we're currently using.

Does anyone have one of the originals that's just getting in the way of re-packing the spinnaker? If so, would you like to sell it to us? (The table that is... we already have as many spinnakers as we can really justify.)

If not, would anyone we willing to send me a few pics and measurements of theirs so we can try to reverse engineer one?


We have one and can post a picture and the measurements tonight.

That would be fantastic, thanks!

We have one that has never been installed, reluctant to part with it but ban provide additional pictures if required.

Sorry about the delay. We are in the middle of installing a chartplotter and prepping for a cruise.

Pictures below

Dimensions: exterior 16x28"

Trim on side - 1-3/8 inches high for each leaf.

I included the diagram that came with our boat documents of the mounting hardware.

I will get the rest of the measurements.  Left them on the boat.



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Thanks so much, Kathy, really appreciate it. Happy cruising!

Thank you.

The bottom board is just shy of 1/2 inch and the trim boards are about 1/2 inch wide.

I hope that you can figure out the rest of the measurements from what I wrote.

One issue is that the table when opened is not quite wide enough.  But any wider, it would block the passage ways even more than it does when folded and against the mast.

There is a corresponding set of attachments on the cockpit pedestal so it can be used outside when docked or moored.


I did a quick internet search

Edson Marine has a table that looks like ours, but is made of teak and expensive.

The poly drop leaf tables are also available for about $950.

They also sell hardware kits for DIY cockpit tables.


Good luck.


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