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Mixing Elbow on the VP MD 2020

Has anyone had issues with the mixing elbow on the Volvo Penta MD 2020.  If so how did you recognize the issue and how did you rectify the problem?  (Repair or Replace).


About 4 years ago, I was doing standard service on our 2020 and notices a crack in the flange on the elbow, where the bolt comes through.  I decided to replace the elbow.  In doin so one of the bolts sheared off (not good).  I had to get a Volvo mechanic to ream out the old bolt and then he replaced all 4 bolts.  The bolts are set into the engine block so it's a tricky job to replace them yourself. IMO.  All of the flange was rusted deeply, but you couldn't really see the damage under the paint.

As for the replacement elbow, I did a web search and discovered  This is a company out of the UK.  Their prices were about ≤50% of what Volvo parts go for here in the US.  I ordered the stainless steel elbow (picture enclosed), along with a new air filter (one which you cannot get in the US), and some other filters.  Parts4engines sent the parts via DHL and they arrived on my doorstep in 2 days!

Cannot argue with that...lower price, fast service and delivery.

They have rebuild kits for the MD2020 as well as engine mounts and a host of other parts.


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Thanks Dix,

Yes I have used parts4engines a couple of times including the air filters (ordered 5 for the 99s here).  Good service and knowledgeable staff.  If I need a new elbow that's the one I would get it is 316 stainless, I have seen others in stainless but they are 304 stainless.  Thanks for the info.  Was there any other complication caused by the old elbow or just noticing the crack.  What was the old one like inside?



The old one was rusted out at the flange.  But the inside was still patent.  A fair amount of carbonization but then the engine had only about 1400 h on it.

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