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Top Down Furler?

Recognizing that A-kites are in the minority in the class, has anyone had good luck or exp with a top-down furler on your 99?  I'm currently using a snuffer for short-handed sailing and am considering a topdown furler to reduce the "excitement" of flying the kite with the family on board.

I've heard good things about the Harken Reflex, but have not seen one in the wild.

Hey Rob I recall that someone had one and flew a code zero off of it if I recall.  Hopefully you will get a response here if not we can try asking on the Facebook page. You have a big Akite I believe so it probably would be even a bigger advantage.  Most of us have the fixed sprit that extends 18" past the headstay.


Was your retractable sprit a factory addition or did you add it?

We use the Harken Reflex Unit 2 for our Code 0 and are pleased with the results.

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