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Gas Strut Replacement - Helm Seat

Hey everybody


I need to replace the gas strut that keeps the helm seat open.  Finding it a challenge to determine exactly what to order.     Has anyone replaced that and if so, can you share vendor/part number data?





We will also have to replace ours in the near future.


What you need can be obtained from

The Defender part # is 755766

Here is the description.

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Thanks DWW.   saved me time.


Also letting the group know to always strap down the helm seat.   I would overlook that from time to time and we had a storm roll through with 60kt straight line gusts. While docked, the stern took a puff and flung the seat open bending the strut and breaking one of the Perko hinges.   Very lucky one hinge held or I'd be paying a diver to retrieve the seat as well!



I second the comment about strapping down the helm seat.  I had just taken delivery of my boat (was still on the dealer's dock) when I rushed away before a very severe storm hit.  I was uneasy about leaving so quickly so returned to find the helm seat dangling by a single screw still holding one hinge.  All other screws had pulled loose.  Fortunately, the single screw kept the seat from flying overboard and nothing was broken.

I heard about another boat that was in transit on a flat bed.  When the truck arrived at the end of the trip the helm seat was missing.

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