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Sail drive cut out

Just wondering if anyone has the actual cutout dimensions for the lower unit of the sail drive to come into the hull, not the plate but the size of the hole that allows the unit to be pulled into the hull. We had to remove ours and cut around the sail drive leg to get it out there were no pates so I am assuming it was faired into the hull

Might not be understanding what you are asking but on the three 99's I've seen out of the water there is a rubber gasket glued to the hull with a slit opening for the lower drive unit to pass through. See photos.


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Thanks AJ,

Mine is slightly different in that the hull was glassed in to within 1/8" if the sail drive so we had to cut away the fiberglass to remove the sail drive and will need to fabricate cover plates to cover the hole.

Hi,  Does any one have any more pictures or info on saildrive install? , I had the yard perform maintenance on the sail drive and cover they created has about an inch gap.  The told me that is normal,  i showed them previous picture that show less than a 1/4 gap which i believe was siliconed in.

I am supposed to launch this week, but thinking of holding,  appreciate any input asap.


Hi Kevin most I have seen there is about a quarter of an inch around it.  When I removed mine there was no cover so I basically had to cut the hull and then I fabricated a cover and I used the rubber seal and then installed the cover over it.  I filled the cavity with foam, not sure if that was a good idea or not.  I can probably take a picture of mine and another one at the club in the morning but I don’t think there seemed to be any consistency how it was done. Some had covers and some didn’t.

I just used the rubber seal that I got with the saildrive.  #30 on the attachment from Marine Parts Express.  I am not sure if it is the same one AJ used, it looks like it.  I never had much faith is sticking rubber o the hull.

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Does anyone have removable cover to access the void space in the hull where the lower unit exits the hull of the C&C 99?  If so could you provide some details and pictures?



I had the yard sand blast to remove the build up of bottom paint. The previous owner did not race the boat. The glass area around the saildrive was partially torn away, so I undertook cleaning the area and fabricating a removable faring plate. Area was cleaned and now anti fowling could be applied to concealed portion of sail drive housing and hull.

I made faring plates out of plexiglass and was able to rout out a recess in the lumps of epoxy left from the old fiberglass faring. Was able to position bolts so tapped and  threaded holes were open to area below saildrive and totally avoided coming close to the actual structural hull. In other words the holes and routed surfaces were not in a water tight portion of the hull. Counter sunk bolt heads in plexiglass and result should allow a removable plate in future to clean area if necessary.  I am not sure if fairing plate effort can be maintained if/when the rubber gasket has to be replaced. Can that be done from inside the boat if engine was lifted or does saildrive unit have to drop down through opening?

Boat yard manager was adamant that clearance was required and showed me how much the engine could vibrate by grabbing the shaft and giving it a good yank. I then cut a little more off the plexiglass.

Attached are some photos of the process.

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Thanks David good description.  We replaced the lower unit when I got the boat, the old one was cracked.  We cut away the fiberglass like you did, tilted the engine back a bit and hauled the lower unit up through the boat and place the new unit down through the hole installed the bolts and put the engine back in place.  Faired a piece around the leg had the rubber gasket in place.  I filled the cavity with foam and it seems to work well.  The foam was soft enough to absorb any vibration.

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