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Refrigeration System on the C&C 99

Planning on installing a refrigeration system on my C&C 99 does anyone have any information on the system in the 99 including information on the insulation in the 99?



Equinox 99

"Following response from Joey Kroeger

Rod, I installed refrigeration in my 99 2 years ago. The ice box is adequately insulated at least mine was because it would keep a block of ice in it for the weekend in 90 degree weather. If you are interested I could find some pictures and the model of the ice box so that you have the right size. Some people mount them on the aft wall and others mont them on the front wall  I also installed a digital thermostat. If you would like more information please email me at"

Thanks Joey it would be great is you could provide some pictures and where did you mount the compressor if there is with your unit, I know some have mounted them under the sink.




I have a refrigeration unit in the ice box on my boat.  It's mounted on the aft wall of the ice box with the compressor in the open space behind the wall.

There's actually a lot of space back there but it's very difficult to get to.  You have to go down the aft hatch turn around so you're facing the starboard side and crawl on your stomach under the steering mechanism.  When you get to the starboard side you continue crawling forward up the space between the side of the boat and liner for the aft bunk.  The space narrows as you go farther in.  It's fun getting back out.  Don't try this is you're the least bit claustrophobic!

I cut a hole in the starboard side of the aft bunk wall and installed a large inspection port.  This gave me access to the compressor/wiring without all the crawling.

My boat Hull #77 came with factory installed Isotherm refrigeration. Another way to access area is to unscrew the propane tank liner and lift it up. Hose and wiring were long enough so disconnections were not necessary. However drain hose does need to be disconnected.

Attached is a photo of area. I had an autopilot installed in same space, see separate post on autopilots.

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