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Radar Mount

Any suggestions as to where best mount a radar on the 99?    On the mast or at the stern on a pole?


Hey Andrew,


Personally I would avoid mounting on the mast both for weight saving and the complications of drilling into carbon fibre. Just a thought.

C&C didn't want random holes drilled in the mast.  They were concerned about structural failure.  I had a Spinlock clutch installed on the side of the mast for the spinnaker halyard when I ordered my boat.  C&C added extra carbon fibre at the mount location to ensure there weren't problems.

Stern pole mount

Hi Cakewalk,

Thanks for the picture, that looks like it is attached to the backstay??


Hi Andrew,

I have had radar on two boats and in both cases I mounted them on a pole aft of the cockpit.  I much prefer this location for the following reasons:

  1. Easier access to effect repairs and/or to remove unit when not in use.
  2. Not in the way every time you tack so easier on sails.
  3. Keeps weight lower on the boat.
  4. No need to tap into the carbon fiber mast  which isn't a good idea.
  5. Just make sure you add in a self leveling device so when the boat is heeled over you can counteract for the heel angle and keep the radar scanner parallel to the horizon.
  6. There are some that mount on the back stay like the one above but I would stick with the pole mount on the stern for the reasons above.




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