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Re Post C&C 99 Class Racing

Welcome to the new C&C 99 website and thanks to Mike Cyr for all his help in developing the website.  It is now up to us to make sure we use it and ensure that it doesn't disappear through lack of use.

It looks like we have 6 C&C 99s in Atlantic Canada, 4 in the metro area, 1 on the beautiful Bras d'Or Lakes and one in Charlottetown and hopefully more to come.

We are excited to joint the fleet and hopefully we can organize some great events for the class this season. While I primarily race I understand the 99 is a great cruising boat as well s;o hopefully, we can organize some events that will be fun for all.  I have raced other boats in all of the main areas Northumberland Strait, the Bras d'Ors and of course in Metro and Chester, all are great sailing areas and not really that far apart.  While I realize it is early, planning is the key to organizing successful events.

I would like owners here in Atlantic Canada to think about the coming season and let us know what you might be interested in during 2018.  In late May and June there are several Opening Regattas here in metro and at most if we had 4 or 5 boats we might be able to have a one design class.  July brings Route St Pierre this year and Charlottetown Race Week while August will being Bras d'Or Regatta Week and Chester Race Week a week later.  September has several regattas around Metro.

Think about you would like to do and you're availability, we can participate at some of the regattas, organize our own weekend or tune up sessions, have a white sail regatta and so on.  Except for Rob and Andy who have had their 99s for a while we can learn the boats together

Think about and get back to us and I am confident we have the talent and ability to organize a class and enjoy the boats together.

Please use the site and share your thoughts.


Rod Stright

C&C 99 TBN

Hi Rod,

I know that I am on the other side of the planet and more of a cruiser than a racer but you were asking about mods on my boat. Not a huge amount but I sail all year round down here and the first thing I needed was a (solid) Bimini made from foam cored fiberglass with flexible solar panels on top. Our sun is pretty harsh and it does the job well. Had a new ice stratis main from Doyle made with 2 reefs (plenty of wind down here) and a lazy jack system. The reefs are both single line system. A new 3DI furling Genoa from North with sun protector and extra jammer on the furling line. Have a North A1 Gennaker on a top down furler (selden) which snaps on to the retractable pole. Everything is workable from the cockpit regardless of weather. It had to be that way as I generally sail singlehanded (except for the autopilot). The pole leaks water from the cap or saddle into the fore cabin at the moment. I added 100 litre water bladder behind the sullage tank because I stay on the boat up to 5-6 days occasionally staying at nearby islands. Everything else is pretty much stock standard I think. Great fun boat easy to sail after an S&S39 I had for 10 years. I have a 5.4M surfski instead of a dinghy which lives on the boat. Like any boat there have been issues that have raised their ugly head but hey, that’s owning a boat!


Thanks John,


I assume the sprit was a factory option when the boat was new or was that added afterwards?

I had a Frers 33 prior to this it was a great boat as well.  I like the 99 it handles well we primarily race the boat no cruising.  Had a Peterson 37, C&C 41 which we took to the Carribiean and back, a C&C 35 Mk2, a Classic 31 and two snipes prior to that.

I envy you being able to sail year round versus 4 months up here.



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