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Wires from mast to junction boxes

Trying to come up with a better arrangement to lead instrument and light wires from under the mast to the junction box located behind the port settee.  Right now they are led through black flexible tubing but is is a lot less than satisfactory and leads to delays when stepping and removing the mast.  My boat has the Novis carbon spar.

Suggestions and photos would be appreciated


Email Response from Ric Doedens:


We simplified the process somewhat by replacing the corrugated tubing with a piece of smooth tubing instead (clear plastic water hose, same diameter as existing) so that the cables would not bind as they were being pulled through the tube. A feeder line was run through the tube and left there to attach to the bundled cables to pull through as a single unit. In the fall when the mast was lifted, the feeder line was attached to the cables and pulled through the tubing with the cables so that it was ready for the following spring. This streamlined the process significantly and with minimal frustration. Done in seconds. You can confirm with Andrew on Demon’s Dance if this is still the case.


If memory serves, we also drilled a drain hole at the lowest point in the tubing so that moisture could drain into the bilge.”

Thanks Ric we were going to go with the clear tubing, as thin walled as we can get.  We did have some issues with the  wires/connectors/fittings catching on the inside of the corrugated tube, good tip about the hole for drainage.



Robert Taylor

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Robert Taylor

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