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Reverse Gear Oil

Does anyone have the Volvo spec recommended reverse gear oil?  And is this regular motor oil or transmission fluid?  Thanks

ATF transmission fluid in mine. Some have used regular gear oil. If it’s red it’s transmission fluid.

Volvo issued a bulletin in 2010 changing the recommended oil to the used...

Volvo Penta Service Bulletin

Group 44-1 Number 85 Version 2 Dated 10-2010, Page 1

Changed oil quality recommendation for S-drives

130S-A, 130S-B, 130SR-A, 130SR-B, 150S-A, 150S-B, 150SR-A, 150SR-B

Volvo Penta has changed the recommendation for oil quality in S-drives.

S-drives manufactured September 2010 onwards will have a sticker with the information “SAE 15 W-40 ONLY” attached in connection to the oil filter. Older drives have a sticker with the text “ATF OIL ONLY.”

Volvo Penta recommends that all S-drives change from ATF oil to engine oil SAE 15W-40 at next oil change.

It is possible to replace oil without laying up the boat, please refer to the Operator’s Manual. However, with this method some ATF oil will remain in the stern drive.

For problems concerning sliding/delayed engagement Volvo Penta recommend change of disk package and replacing the oil with engine oil SAE 15W-40.


Gear when sailing

When sailing, set the control lever to reverse if a folding propeller is fitted.

If a fixed propeller is fitted the control lever should be set in neutral or reverse. When using a fixed propeller and sailing with the control lever set to reverse the speed is slowed down though less noise is being made.

Interesting. I hadn’t seen this. Thanks

thank you Gerry.  Very helpful.

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