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Hull compound and wax

What are people using on their gelcoat for compound and wax? I’ve been using the 3m medium compound and McGuires flagship wax. I can’t seem to get that flawless finish. Any suggestion?

Finesse Marine by 3M.  Good product but takes a bit of effort to work with.

Thanks. What prep do you follow?

I don't personally use as I'm Alwgripped.  A good marine wax will be needed after using Finesse.

Hi Steve,


When I got my boat it was badly oxidized to the boat It thought I might get it painted.  Buffed using Aqua Blue 2000 (Burnside fiberglass, I have a spare quart I bought but don't need) washed and rinsed thoroughly and waxed with Meguiars wax, looks like new.  Just washed and waxed this year looks great!!!  I used 3M Finesse 2 on my Frers which was Awl Gripped but it wasn't aggressive enough for the gel coat.

Thanks all. I think the issue I am having it that it’s still too cold for waxing. Rod I basically followed the same processs but with the 3m compound from burnside fg as well as McGuires. I’ll try again when it’s warmer.

Thanks everyone for the input


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