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Sprit addition

We have some owners who want to install sprits on their C&C 99s and one owner who has the capability to fabricate them. He advises that he could make some additional ones while he is at it. The ones we have installed here in Halifax have worked out well. If you are interested in adding a sprit to your C&C 99 let me know at Pictures below are of the one installed on my C&C 99 here in Halifax.


Rod Stright

C&C 99 Class President

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Very excited at the prospect of running an asym.

If anyone who has already installed a sprit has any pics or thoughts on how they ran the tackline back to the cockpit I'd love to see them.

Hi Ben,

Don't think I have any pictures of how we rigged our tack line.  Our RF line is on the port side so we basically ran the tack line the same way but dowm the startboard side and placed a cam cleat on the stern rail just behind the aft winch.  We actually ran the line through the stanchion bases and use bull eyes to keep things lined up.  The only disadvantage is that if you are heavily listed it could be difficult to reach and release.  It is virtually off the deck and not in the way.

Others have led it across the deck to a rope clutch on the cabin top.  This way it is accessible to the pit guy and cabin top winches but lines are led across the deck.

Thanks, Rod.

Can definitely see the attraction of running it down behind the stanchions where it's out of the way, but I think we're going to try to get it to the cabin top clutches where our pit (usually our daughter) can easily trim or release it. Walking around the boat yesterday I think I can see a way of getting it up there without running it across the front hatch or (at least initially) drilling new holes into the deck...

Let me know what you do and take a few pictures so we can pass the info on.

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