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Lewmar Hatch in the head

Has anyone had the handle on the hatch in the head fall off?  Mine fell off and I have attempted to glue it back on with products recommended by Lewmar to no avail.  Now considering through bolting it and if wondering is anyone has done this already?  If so let me know how you did it and how it has worked out.






We had the same issue on Kingfisher several years ago.  To my recollection, I sanded the contact area of the latch with fine sandpaper, did the same to the contact area of the handle.  Cleaned the contact surfaces with alcohol (don't use acetone as I think it will dissolve the plastic in the hatch) and then glued with a standard 2-part clear epoxy that you can obtain from a hardware store.  I may have used a Locktite version.  Can't remember specifically.   Allow to cure fully before actually latching the hatch.  This repair has survived for a number of years, but then we do not open the hatch in the head all that often.

Good luck.


Thanks Dix I have tried that twice and both times it didn't work.  I used two part epoxies recommended by Lewmar.  I am planning on bolting it though the hatch, apparently some have none that and seem happy with it.



Did the bolt through option worked well.  Fixed for good.

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