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Raymarine SeaTalkNG

I’m currently thinking of upgrading my autopilot from my non-working smartpilot w/ram drive to the Raymarine EVO-200. Is anyone currently doing something similar? I want to keep my current ST60 instruments and c70 plotter. If you’ve done this or upgraded all your stuff, where on the boat did you collocate all your wiring?

My cubby below the charplotter has an air conditioning duct running through most of it, not the most usable of spaces.

Check out Rod's post on "Completed installation of the Raymarine EV 100 wheel pilot and connection to the Garmin plotter yesterday.  Tee following is where we put the components and why:"


The pictures are very helpful.


We are in the process of trying to install a B&G Vulcan Chartplotter and need to know the wiring of our current seatalk network.

I have been unable to find a wiring diagram for the C&C 99 other than the cabin lights in Resources.

We did open up the Nav station and instrument panel and took pictures. Most wires are nicely labeled.

Where is your chartplotter located?  and why?  We would like to mount our 12 inch one on the pedestal so that we can swivel it to view when steering from the front of the wheel.

Our eyesight is not good enough to mount it in the companionway.  LOL

I plan to make a waterproof cover for the back.  Pods are way too expensive.


Our C70 is mounted at the nav station, but that's the way it came.  I'm going back n forth on if I want to move it to the helm, if I do, I'd buy a more modern one.  I've noticed that it does provide quite a bit of distraction to the helm on other boats, instead of watching the boat + trim.  I keep a GPS Garmin 76CSx on a RAM mount for racing, keeps the distractions down.

Re: wiring tip.

The wires from the instruments above the companionway run to starboard to a short conduit and then turn toward the stern into a corrugated conduit which runs down the companionway opening into the engine compartment.

Unable to pull the messenger line with the spur cable from the top because it hung up at the downward turn.  Switched to pulling it up from the engine compartment and the wire turned the corner without a problem.

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