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Bilge pump discharge

Is anyone else fed up with the discharge location of the bilge pump on the 99.  It discharges on the step at the transom and that area always looks dirty.  Has anyone moved the discharge location and/or found a way to rectify the problem, perhaps I need to replace the discharge hose.


A fellow C&C 99 owner here in Seattle has a hull #35 that (I believe) has had the discharged ports moved. It is my understanding that the previous owner did the work so don't have install details. It appears they used the same exit port that is used for the exhaust and routed everything there including the two aft deck drains and I assume propane drain locker as well. Then the existing holes were glassed over.

I'll try to grab some photos and post them.


Thanks AJ that would be very helpful, I plan to move mine so that make sense as long as the exhaust can't come back to the bilge.

I understand from Joey that the last 10 99s built had the discharges exit the hull below the step on the transom, does anyone have any detail/pictures on the plumbing arrangements.  I assume they have the exhaust on one side and the bilge deck drains on the opposite matching the engine exhaust?

Attaching photo from friends 99 showing modified transom. Port closest is for heating system others for exhaust and bilge, sump, and deck drains.

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