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mast base access

Hi all,

Would anyone know if you can access mast base by removing the drain sump beneath the cabin sole. A blockage where the wiring comes through is forcing rainwater through the exit holes above the sole and soaking the timber. Appreciate any help. Winter here in Oz!

What you access underneath the sump receptacle is the forward keel bolts and the wiring harness going up the mast.  The plumbing for the bath sink drain and the sump pump hose and flapper assembly.  There is no access to the mast base.

Ok thanks cakewalk. Any idea what the six small holes are for around the mast base just above the cabin sole?

No idea.  Sorry.

There are no small holes either in the base of my mast or the shoe that it fits into.  The only holes I have are for the wiring harness to exit the mast and go through the mast shoe.  Rain water that gets into the mast runs out the holes on the bottom and goes into the bilge.

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