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Sprit Bow Anchor Roller Ideas from Downunder

The following pictures are of a bow roller used by John Clark on Sophia.  He also has a retractable sprit for flying his asymmetrical 4 feet from the head stay but the anchor roller/sprit could easily accommodate the PHRF legal sprit of 18" in front of the head stay.

Uploaded files:
  • 71A0041E-96AB-42B1-8604-23406C99A4CC.jpeg
  • 975C2E26-3A13-48A9-AA7B-DE4ABF91579E.jpeg
  • A495244A-C864-4414-875D-1BA4BEA0508A.jpeg
  • CBC90D92-0117-4DEB-BCF4-6471BFC7351A.jpeg
  • CFD92FDB-BA1C-4EE9-9B00-1E35BFEFEC02.jpeg

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