Folks. We have had hull #6 for over 15 y now. Last winter I noticed a vertical crack in the paint/gelcoat. Temporarily fixed it by injecting West System under the edges of the crack.

This winter when we pulled the boat intending to fix the crack, the yard managers were able to chip off the gelcoat/tiecoat/paint in 2 in by 2 in flakes. As of today they have exposed about 1.5 – 2 ft of epoxy on either side of the old vertical crack. They have not yet hit a spot where the tie coat is adhering.

Concern is that the tie coat may not be adhered to the underlying epoxy throughout the hull and may necessitate a complete removal.

Anyone else experienced issues with paint/gel/tie coat delamination?

According to an article in Practical Sailor from a number of years ago, C&C changed their layup schedule after the first 50 boats. The question is why did they change the method?

Interested in any constructive comments here. Our boat goes into the shed tomorrow for the work to continue.

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